Our mission

Aletheia Church exists to give every man, woman, and child

repeated opportunities to

Come to Christ, Grow in Christ, and Go for Christ.

Core Values

  • We are authentic

    In a world filled with posturing and positioning we desire to be true to our profession of faith, and to the community in which we live. We want to be honest about our convictions and genuine concerning our interest in the community.

  • We are compassionate

    Even at its best, life delivers unexpected blows that can discourage and debilitate, as well as boosts that can encourage and elevate. Wherever you are on life’s journey we want to walk alongside you with encouragement and assistance in the lows, as well as joy and celebration in the highs.

  • we are faithful

    We desire to be faithful to Christ in all things; an endeavor which cannot be accomplished apart from faithfulness to one another. Our commitment to one another is a premier mark of our identity in Christ. Moreover, we love one another because we love Christ and most significantly God loved us first.

  • we are growing

    Being a follower of Christ is no mere title, but rather an active way of living. Living under the Lordship of Christ, and in community with one another, will necessarily bring change in our lives; change that will mold us into the image of Christ whom we follow. We long to be more like Jesus everyday that we live.

  • we are the church

    When a church is committed to being authentic, compassionate, faithful, and growing then it is easy to "be the church."  We desire to minister to Sedona and show them Christ's love and sacrifice through service in and around the city.