Core Values

  • Knowing God

    We are made to know God, and there is no greater blessing than to be known by Him. We commit ourselves to not simply know about God, but to continually seek to know Him personally by submitting to His Word and pursuing Him in prayer.

  • Biblical Community

    We grow most when we live life together intentionally around God's Word. We commit ourselves to regular worship attendance, authentic life group participation, and regular fellowship for our good and His glory.

  • Radical Generosity

    Everything we are, and all that we have belongs to God. We commit to live openhanded, giving back sacrificially and joyfully of our treasure to support the ministry of Aletheia Church and promote the Kingdom of God on earth.

  • Missional Living

    We received grace because Jesus came to serve rather than be served. We commit to pour ourselves out in service to one another and our community, taking advantage of opportunities to share the Gospel in winsome ways that encourage others to follow Christ also.

Our Distinctives

  • InterDependent Leadership

    Our leadership is marked both by plurality and interdependency. Our leaders function in their areas of giftedness and share responsibilities across leadership areas.

  • Family Focus

    The family is the fundamental building block of any community. We seek to build strong families for the glory of the Lord as well as for their own good, the good of our church, and the good of our community.

  • Gift Driven Ministry

    The Spirit gives each of us gifts to build up one another in the church. Therefore, we encourage one another to serve our church and our community in the unique ways He has gifted each of us.

  • Kingdom Partnership

    Isolation is the enemy of victory in Kingdom work. Therefore, we are committed to strategically working alongside others of like mind for the sake of building the Kingdom of Christ.