Our Team

  • Pastor: PReaching and Partnerships

    Josh Jennings and his wife, Shannon moved to Sedona with their 3 kids in 2014 to start Aletheia Church. Josh has pastored churches in Kentucky and South Carolina prior to moving to Sedona. He has a passion for building relationships with people and for teaching others about Jesus Christ. In his free time, you can find Josh riding his bike, reading, or grabbing a cup of coffee. josh@aletheiasedona.com

  • Pastor: Worship and LifeGroups

    Ben Montgomery and his wife Natalie moved to Sedona in 2017 to help lead Aletheia Church.  They have five kids in high school and college. Ben has served churches in South Carolina in worship, teen, and children's ministry.  He is a certified teacher of Architectural/Mechanical Design.  His passions are leading worship, missions, and small group discipleship.    ben@aletheiasedona.com

  • Children's Minister

    Shannon Jennings is the wife of Josh Jennings.  She is a certified early childhood education teacher and has taught 1st grade, 5th grade, and Spanish.  She is an avid Clemson fan!! She is a volunteer at Red Rock Junior High and High School.  She also is an administrator for a local business.  Her vision is for the kids to have a love for Jesus and have fun learning about HIM!!! Matthew 19:14  shannon@aletheiasedona.com

  • Youth TEAM

    Carly Zeno grew up in Sedona and is a former teacher before beginning her family with her husband Christian. She loves students and looks forward to SWITCH each week.  carly@aletheiasedona.com

    Emma Murdy is a senior at Northern Arizona University and is a swim coach with Sedona Parks and Recreation. In her free time, Emma is a Wyldlife leader and loves hanging out with students!

    Laurie Gargione is a faithful partner of Aletheia Church and enjoys hanging out with our SWITCH students each week! Laurie is faithful to always bring the FUN at SWITCH!

  • Aletheia Church Elder

    Ralph Woellmer and his wife Shelly are long time residents of Sedona.  They have two daughters, Kendall and Kelsey and are a vital part of Aletheia Church.  Ralph has many gifts in administration and leadership.  You can contact Ralph here.

  • Prayer Team Ministry

    Franci Crownoble and her husband Al are vital to the prayer and LifeGroup ministry at Aletheia Church.  Franci is gifted in prayer and discernment.  If you have a prayer request, please contact Franci

  • First Impressions

    Barb Kess and her husband Ron head up the First Impressions Team at Aletheia Church.  They are wonderful at helping visitors feel welcomed at Aletheia when they visit for the first time.  Barb has gifts in administration and hospitality.  If you would like to be a part of the First Impressions Team, contact Barb.